Smolt Kitchen

A West Hobart Icon. Refurbishing a well-known corner store into commercial kitchen & busy restaurant

The Smolt team have been at it again creating another bold, unique dining experience for its patrons.

This is the central hub that provides the flavours of Smolt, Frank and Smolt Kitchen to offsite locations around the city.

In our client’s words

Old buildings can throw up challenges and this one was no exception, but the results are so much better when there is trust and everyone works as a team. That was indeed our experience working again with Skookom.

Formerly known as the local West Hobart Hill Street Grocer, the old building had its fair share of challenges. Interior designer Georgina Freeman worked tirelessly on multiple possibilities before narrowing it down to something that fit the brief of the client and desire of the customer perfectly.

A great example of client, designer and builder working together as a team to meet challenges head-on and deliver above and beyond the desired outcome.