Project management

We manage our projects through BuilderTrend software. It keeps all moving parts of the project aligned, with client’s receiving their own access via the app.

BuilderTrend has a client portal where communications, specification, financial administration, product selections are made and daily logs are documented along with progress photos. This means you have timely access to all aspects of the build and can track progress at all times, negating the need for you to be onsite everyday.

You are also reminded when claims are coming and when product sections are due.

We have our list of preferred consultants, trades and suppliers who understand Skookom’s project management processes. We find this is vital for working collaboratively so that every party is on the same page.

Administration & contracts

How we engage at the early stages of design is through an MOU. This is a simple agreement between builder and client that spells out the service being delivered and the cost.

Building contracts are usually undertaken with a HIA contract. If the project is administered by an architect then usually an ABIC contract is used.

Commonly we operate under two types of contracts. Fixed price contract or cost plus contract (actual cost of all labour & material plus builders margin/overheads).


Skookom means ‘exceptional’. So our approach to all that we do, is to do it well. That applies to the way we interact with clients, trades and suppliers, manage projects as much as the workmanship onsite.

Skookom foreman, carpenters and apprentices are encouraged to think outside the box and be creative with solutions. We look holistically at the aesthetics, technical, practical and financial implications in every decision we make. We treat it as our own and always come back to “if it was our place what would we do?”

We believe in building sustainable energy efficient homes. Sure it takes more effort to implement but that attention to detail is significant in the thermal performance of the home for years to come.

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We build the Skookom way, but only after we’ve got to know you and learned everything we can about what you need and what you expect from your building project.

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