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Project management

We manage our projects through BuilderTrend software. It keeps all moving parts of the project aligned, with client’s receiving their own access via the app.

BuilderTrend has a client portal where communications, specification, financial administration, product selections are made and daily logs are documented along with progress photos. This means you have timely access to all aspects of the build and can track progress at all times, negating the need for you to be onsite everyday.

You are also reminded when claims are coming and when product sections are due.

We have our list of preferred consultants, trades and suppliers who understand Skookom’s project management processes. We find this is vital for working collaboratively so that every party is on the same page.


Skookom love to undertake bespoke commercial fit-outs. These projects mostly come through word of mouth and we tend to be involved early on in the piece with the architect/designer building up the scope in line with the budget.  We also can provide the service of design and construct with preferred consultants that specialise in this area.

Skookom means exceptional. So our approach to all that we do is to do it well. That applies to the way we interact with clients, trades and suppliers, manage projects as much as the workmanship onsite.

Skookom’s construction manager, carpenters, apprentices and trusted trades people are encouraged to think outside the box and be creative with solutions. We look holistically at the aesthetics, technical, practical and financial implications in every decision we make.

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We build The Skookom way – We understand that you don't want to just build a house - you want to build a lifestyle, a sanctuary, a place that reflects who you are. And that is why we go to great lengths to understand you and your dreams.

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