To us, Skookom is not simply about building a place to live.

It is about creating a lifestyle – finding a place to belong, and helping others achieve a way of life which fosters peace, contentment, and happiness.

Skookom Light is where this starts, a range of in-house designed homes that reflect the Skookom ethos of quality, integrity, and togetherness. With a focus on sustainability and featuring passive elements, this range of homes provides a starting point for those who seek to escape what is typical and find freedom.

Skookom Light seeks to bring the quality, creativity, and lifestyle Skookom have become renowned for to you.

Openings are now available to build in 2023.

Welcome to Skookom Light.

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Six openings to build in 2022

Collection of in-house designs available

High focus on sustainability

Passive energy efficient elements

Professionally interior designed

Premium level of fixtures and fittings

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