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Collaboration and consultation is a big part of how we operate. We put ourselves in your shoes keeping this in the forefront of our minds when making project decisions.

Custom Architectural Design & Construct

We offer design services with preferred architects that understand budget and are disciplined to work within that budget. Skookom manages this process and is heavily involved in design and budget decisions right from the start.  We can manage all consultants involved from concept stage to building approval on your behalf.

As a team we take a collaborative approach when designing your home, to meet your needs and budget, not ours. By the end of this process we know the building intimately and have ironed out most of the potential issues. This is a huge benefit delivering efficiencies before we commence onsite.

Skookom Light

Skookom Light is a division of Skookom which features the high-quality craftsmanship and finishes found in our architectural builds and delivers them to the market via our own, in-house, Skookom designed homes.

These creations are designed with energy efficiency, sustainability and passive elements in mind and are collaborative works of the entire Skookom team, meaning that they embody years of experience in quality building and have received input from a wide range of trades and backgrounds.

With an emphasis on operational efficiency, budget and scope control, client pathways and a step by step delivery process, building through Skookom Light provides you with peace of mind and a clear and open experience in the delivery of your home.

Custom Architectural Fixed Price Design

We present a fixed price proposal for this pre-construction/design phase which we break down into manageable stages. You can stop at any of these stages, we do not lock you in.

At the end of this process if you decide not to proceed with Skookom as your builder, you take ownership of the intellectual property you have received and paid for along the way that has enabled you to make informed decisions.  This is clearly stated in our agreement at the beginning.

Already have your plans?

Our projects usually come through word of mouth, recommendations from previous clients. Although we prefer to be involved early in the design process we do take on projects which have approvals in place.

We do not competitively tender, therefore our engagement with clients and architects is as preferred builder. This enables us to solidly commit to your project subject to scope and feasibility to deliver you actual realistic costings through transparent comprehensive estimates that helps you make informed decisions.

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