Station Street

An artistic oasis nestled in the heart of the northern suburbs of Hobart

This project is an eclectic mix of construction standards, compliance codes, street art and a medley of industrial surfaces and materials. Corten steel, render, brick, timber, concrete, ply and wire netting have come together to breathe new life into an existing warehouse, transforming it into a home, commercial studio, retail space, accommodation, and events and function space.

In our client’s words

“That’s Hideous!” - “Let’s buy it!” That was the start of a journey we naively jumped into after seeing a warehouse property on the internet while still living in the UK. We moved to Tassie and on arrival purchased the property.

How we persuaded Skookom to come on board we still have no idea but we are certain no other company here in Tasmania had the skill set, integrity, craftsmanship, patience and imagination to navigate this job.

The final aesthetic is simple, practical and strangely the most ‘cozy’ warehouse home you could imagine. To blend the mixed use of home and business achieves our lifestyle goal of wanting to bring our daughter up in a creative environment. Plus to have a city oasis with considered environmental output is very satisfying.

It was inspiring to watch the team work and our new found appreciation for ‘Flush Skirting Boards’ makes us think of the builders often and smile. This highlights the details that are thought about. Everything, even the parts you don’t see are meticulously considered.

We are extremely grateful to all of Skookom for bringing their wealth of knowledge and good vibes to this project. They built a home for us but most importantly created an anchor for our family.

This project was a fantastic challenge for both Skookom and our clients and being part of the creative journey as this build came into its own was a truly fantastic experience. Upon entering through the properties heavy-set rust-covered corten steel gates you are greeted with two wings that frame a backdrop of two-storey high coloured street art illustrations. Steel-clad parapets lining the perimeter of the structures connect in with framed planter boxes on the lower and upper storey, all mirroring and complimenting each other with a patina of stabilised rust. Steel netting webs across the facades of the studio, accommodation, retail space and residence and will one day support greenery which will aid in softening the harsher surface materials of the build.

The presence of art here is centralised, our clients have customised doors throughout the building with their own tags and murals, custom joinery reflecting core materials of ply, concrete and copper. A projected window seat in the residential wing overlooks the warehouse space, a function space and gallery that is covered in a collage of our clients handywork. Street art and creative expression dominate this build and create a sense of self for the site that is truly one of a kind. Skookom have been truly fortunate to have been part of this journey and it holds an important place in our hearts as do our clients.

Photographs and Video: Brokenimage Creative
Architect: Matt Williams Architects