Rockwall Bar & Grill

Reinventing a run-down space in Salamanca.

Well-known and highly-regarded restaurateurs Garry Baker and Susan Catchpool purchased an outdated premises in the famous Salamanca Place precinct, then totally renovated and revitalised the space.

In our client’s words

I knew I could rely on Ian and the crew to handle all aspects of the project. It took them eight weeks of long days and nights, but they met their deadline – we opened the night they promised.

Reborn as Rockwall Bar & Grill, their new business has earned its place as one of the most successful restaurants in Hobart.

The project involved stripping-out the old restaurant and creating a completely new one, with multiple dining spaces, each with its own feel and character.

With a basic layout to work from, we sat down with the client, the architect and a sheet of plywood and started designing the detail. Collaborating from the outset like this made it a very satisfying project for us.

Everyone involved – us, the architect and the builder – could visualise the outcome of the project before any work began. The budget we gave Ian was shoe-string but he navigated his way through the project and delivered a fantastic result.